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Our online proxy checker can check your proxy list very fast. It gives you results about the location, speed, type, provider, and anonymity level. Our advanced algorithm ensures that you receive detailed results every time. You can be sure this is the best online proxy checker.

With this proxy checker, you can download your results and use them to improve your privacy. If you're looking to increase your browsing speed, protect your anonymity, or access geo-restricted content, our free online proxy checker is here for you.

Proxies are checked by a last generation algorithm. It will return the most important details : country, city, ping, type, provider and privacy. You can be sure the results are 100% accurate and up to date.

Take care to use paid online service to check your proxy. Instead, use our online proxy checker. Our website is 100% safe and ready for you to use every day. Be sure to save our website in your bookmarks, so that you never miss the access to the best proxy checker.

Here you can paste any text data containing proxy ip:port and the proxy checker will remove garbage and keep the proxy. You can also paste with the scheme like scheme://ip:port. Authentication is not supported.
The proxy checker support socks5, socks5h, socks4, socks4a, http, and https scheme.

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Your results will be accessible for 30 minutes on this link. Once the time has passed, you can check again a list of proxy.

Proxy Checker Definitions

What is a proxy server ?

  • A proxy server is a computer or a program that acts as a relay between a client device and the internet. It receives requests from a client and forwards them to the internet on behalf of the client. It then returns the results to the client. Proxy servers are used for many purposes. Increase security and anonymity, caching content to improve performance, and accessing restricted or geo-blocked content.
  • What is a proxy checker ?

  • A proxy checker is a program that check if a proxy server is working. It tests the proxy by sending requests through it to a target website or server and checks whether the requests are successful and whether the proxy hides the IP address of the requester. The results of the proxy check are displayed in a list format, indicating which proxies are working and the subsequent information.
  • What is a proxy scheme ?

  • A proxy scheme is a word identifying the protocol of a proxy server. You have to put it before any proxy ip:port to use them in your program. There is http, https, socks4, socks4a, socks5 and socks5h. You must use it to identify the proxy protocol in your software, like : scheme://ip:port. You can also use it in the proxy checker to increase the checking speed.
  • What is a proxy ASN ?

  • ASN is the short for Autonomous System Number. It is a special number given to network operators to identify their network. A proxy server always have an ASN to show which network he belongs to. This information is important if you're looking for a residential proxy.
  • What are proxy anonymity levels ?

    Proxy anonymity levels refer to the degree to which a proxy server can hide your identity.
    There are three levels:

  • Transparent Proxy : This proxy doesn't hide your IP address. The website can see who you are. This is the fastest proxy type. Used for bypassing firewall and download content.
  • Anonymous Proxy : This proxy hides your IP address, but the website knows that you're using a proxy. This proxy type is good for increasing rate limits.
  • Elite Proxy : This proxy hides your IP address and also hide the fact that you're using a proxy. The website won't be able to see anything about you. This is the best proxy type for online shopping or accessing geo-restricted content.
  • Proxy anonymity levels are important for privacy and security reasons. It's important to choose the appropriate type based on your needs.